Layout Builder (video series)

The Layout Builder serves as our most popular plugin and is what makes your Theme Blvd theme truly dynamic. You can create custom layouts through the Builder's interface and then apply them to standard WordPress pages.

In our theme demos, in which you see a homepage other than a blog, these are generally setup with a custom layout from the Layout Builder plugin. And in most cases, your specific theme will include a sample layout that starts your layout off like the live demo's homepage.

Layout Builder - Overview

This video walks you through building a basic custom layout into a standard page. The example setup is something you might use for the homepage of a business website.

Layout Builder - Homepage

This video will quickly show you how your page, with a custom layout, can be applied as your website's homepage.

Here's a summary of what the video shows you:

  1. Create a standard WordPress page and build your layout into it.
  2. Go to Settings > Reading > Frontpage displays, select "static page" and then select the page you've created for your homepage.

Layout Builder - Sample Layouts

When starting a new layout, you don't have to do it from scratch, if you don't want. This video will introduce you to starting new custom layouts from sample layouts.

Generally, most of our themes include some sort of sample layout that you can use to mimic the theme demo's homepage, as a starting point.

Layout Builder - Templates

This video will explain the concept of "Templates" within the Layout Builder, and how you can incorporate them into your workflow.