Can I use an SVG file for my website's logo?

Yup! You can utilize a vector SVG file to apply a website logo that will scale beautifully across all devices. There's just a few things you'll want to keep in mind to make this happen.

1. Just in general, WordPress won't allow you to upload SVG files to your media library; so you'd need a plugin for that.  SVG Support is a really popular one that works great. Simply install it, activate it, and voila.
2. When you insert the SVG file into the logo option on your theme options page, it will not be able to determine automatically the width and height. So after the SVG file URL is inserted, you need to remember to manually input the width and height you want it displaying at in the two fields below the logo image url field. Otherwise on your site, you'll think it's not displaying because it will be 0px width and height.
3. Lastly, now that you're using a SVG file, you can ignore filling out the optional "HiDPI-optimized Image" portion of the logo option.