Code Customization: Introduction and Resources

From the initial construction of the Theme Blvd framework, one of the biggest goals has always been to give developers the most dynamic and flexible experience possible when making child theme customizations, and extending their theme. However, please keep in mind that with doing anything outside of what you're able to do from with your current theme in the WordPress admin panel, you are moving into the realm of making code customizations.

We do our best to provide developer documentation and point you in the right direction, but please remember that providing you with code customizations unfortunately isn't included with free, complimentary theme support.

So, it's important to note that when making code customizations, you are modifying the product, and this will take some time and research on your part to accomplish the customizations you're trying to achieve. As you learn more about child themes, HTML, CSS, and PHP, you'll be able to accomplish more and more.


For making code customizations, we've got an entire website dedicated to just this. So, make sure to check out our tutorials:

As you dig deeper, and you're coming across WordPress functionality you're not familar with, the codex is a great resource. In searching the site, you can find documentation on almost any commonly used WordPress core function: