Archive Options

When dealing with your post archives there are three main options, you'll want to make note of. These options can be set site-wide from your theme options, or individually for specific category and tag archives.

  1. Sidebar layout — How sidebars display on post archives. See article, Sidebar Layouts.
  2. Post display — The style posts display on post archives. See article, Post Displays.
  3. Info boxes — Displaying title and description for category and tag archives

Site-Wide Archive Options

From Appearance > Theme Options > Layout > Sidebar Layouts, you can select the default sidebar layout that will be applied to all of your post archives.

Appearance > Theme Options > Layout

And from Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Archives, you'll find the rest of your site-wide post archive options. Here, you can select the post display for all post archives. And then for category and tag archives, you can select if you want the info boxes (i.e. title and description) to display.

Appearance > Theme Options > Content

Individual Category and Tag Archive Options

When editing an individual category or tag, all three of these site-wide options can be overridden.

Posts > Categories > Edit Category

Info Boxes — Displaying Title & Description on Archives

When viewing a post archive, by default, you won't see the title or description displayed above the listing of posts. However, you can display this information for category and tag archives using Info Boxes.

An example of an Info Box on a category post archive, which displays the title and description of that category.

To enable Info Boxes site-wide across all category and tag archives, you can do this from your site-wide archive options on your theme options page.

Appearance > Theme Options > Content

While all categories you create through WordPress are going to have a title, by default, they will not have a description. So, remember to edit each category and add a description, if you're implementing Info Boxes. If you're implementing this feature for tag archives (which is probably less common), then remember to do this for tags, as well.

Posts > Categories > Edit Category