Plugin Link: Theme Blvd Shortcodes

The Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin will give you our library of shortcodes designed to work specifically with our theme framework. For a complete outline of all shortcodes, with instructions and usage examples, see our shortcodes demo website:

Shortcode Generator

As shown in the screenshot just above, you can access all shortcodes through the shortcode generator integrated into WordPress's Editor when working with pages and posts.

If you find that the the shortcode generator interferes with any other plugins you're using, you can go to WP Admin > Settings > Writing > Theme Blvd Shortcodes, and turn off the shortcode generator.

Auto Lightbox

The shortcodes plugin gives you the [lightbox] shortcode, which allows you to link to an image, video, or map in a lightbox popup. With this, comes the "Auto Lightbox" feature, which will attempt to automatically convert inserted media into your pages and posts to the [lightbox] shortcode, when linking to a lightbox makes sense. For example, if you insert a thumbnail that links to an enlarged version of the image, then it will be converted.

This feature is not on, by default. If you'd like to utilize it, you can toggle it on or off at WP Admin > Settings > Writing > Theme Blvd Shortcodes.

[raw] Shortcode

Out of all the shortcodes included, the [raw] shortcode is the only one that is not technically a true WordPress shortcode. The [raw] shortcode can be used to wrap any piece of content you want escaped from WordPress automatic formatting of adding <p> and <br> tags.

Allowing this shortcode to work properly does involve some modifications to how WordPress outputs the content of pages and posts. In some rare cases this may conflict with other plugins that may be attempting to modify WordPress's output of the content, as well. If this becomes a problem, you can completely disable our [raw] shortcode at WP Admin > Settings > Writing > Theme Blvd Shortcodes.