Common Installation Problems

Below are some common problem many people face when installing a theme and some solutions to those problems.

Missing Stylesheet

Problem: After uploading the theme you recieve the error message, "Missing Stylesheet."

Solution: When you upload a theme, WordPress looks for the file style.css in the root directory of the theme in order register it. So, if you receive this message, it most likely means that you've uploaded the incorrect files. This is a very common problem around ThemeForest items as many people attempt to upload the entire ZIP package they've downloaded thinking it's the theme, when the theme is actually located inside. However, most likely if you've managed to make here to the documentation, you're not going to run into that problem. However, either way, if you receive the classic "Missing Stylesheet" error message, you're most likely not uploading the correct ZIP package. So make sure to watch the installation video again so that you know the correct ZIP file to upload

Can't upload theme

Problem: When you try to upload through your WordPress dashboard in the way it's described in the first installation video above and either it loads and loads with no result or you see the error message "Are you sure you want to do this?" followed by nothing happenning.

Solution: Many of our themes may contain many options resulting in additional images, files, etc, making the theme's overall file size larger than many other themes you might have used in the past. If you're facing this issue, it's most likely because your web hosting account has PHP upload limits in place that are smaller than the size of the theme. So, if this is the case, the solution is simply to unzip the theme and upload it manually through your FTP program to /wp-content/themes/ on your server where you have WordPress installed.

Another possible reason for this could be that you're just uploading the incorrect ZIP package. If you're trying to upload the "All Files and Documentation" ZIP package, thinking it's the theme, this file will be much larger than a standard WordPress theme ZIP. Make sure to watch the theme  installation video again so that you know the correct ZIP file to upload.

Theme doesn't look right when previewing, should I still activate it?

Problem: You've just uploaded the theme and you're previewing it in your WordPress Themes page, but it doesn't look quite right.

Solution: The first thing to do after installing one of our themes is to configure your Theme Base and Theme Options page. However, when you view the theme for the first time in the preview window, it's possible it doesn't look quite right because of none of these options have been setup. So, just go ahead and activate the theme, and then proceed to the Theme Base page (Appearance > Theme Base) to select a theme base, and then to the Theme Options page (Appearance > Theme Options) to configure the settings.

After activating the theme, it doesn't look like the theme demo, what gives?

Problem: You've just installed and activated the theme, but when viewing your site, it doesn't look like the theme demo.

Solution: WordPress is already a very dynamic application, and this theme framework adds onto that making WordPress even more dynamic. If you've just installed WordPres and just installed your new theme, most likely you're just going to see blog posts being listed out on your homepage. If this isn't what you're going for, don't worry. It's time to start setting up your site. The possibilities are endless here.

See article, General Overview & First Steps.

Can't assign Menus under Appearance > Menus

Problem: After installing the theme, you can't assign your custom menu to the theme locations under Appearance > Menus. You assign your custom menu, save the page, but after the page refreshes the menu is not assigned.

Solution: Under Appearance > Menus, while the way this page works is built-in to the WordPress core, the theme locations correspond to the current theme you're using. When you assign a menu to a theme location and save the page, it looks for style.css in the root directory of the current theme in order to assign it. If you're facing this issue, it most likely means you have uploaded the incorrect files. So, make sure to re-watch the installation videos above.