Image Sizes

The Theme Blvd framework imploys a certain set of image crop sizes (i.e. thumbnails) using WordPress's add_image_size system. These image sizes get used in different places within your theme on the frontend of your website.

Since WordPress creates these thumbnails at the time you upload an image, it's important to note that when you install your new theme, any previously uploaded images will not have thumbnails for you new theme's image crop sizes. So, it's best to always best to re-generate your thumbnails.

How to Re-Generate Thumbnails

  1. Install and activate the Re-generate Thumbnails plugin.
  2. Go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails in your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Click the "Regnerate All Thumbnails" button.

Framework Image Sizes

Below are the standard image sizes and thumbnail ID's that the framework creates. These are the sizes used in Jump Start, but note that a few of these sizes may have been changed slightly if you're using a different theme.

ID Name Width Height Hard Crop
tb_x_large Theme Blvd XL 1200 9999 false
tb_large Theme Blvd L 800 9999 false
tb_medium Theme Blvd M 500 9999 false
tb_thumb Theme Blvd Thumbnail 200 200 true
tb_grid Theme Blvd 16:9 640 360 true
tb_square_x_large Theme Blvd XL Square 1200 1200 true
tb_square_large Theme Blvd L Square 960 960 true
tb_square_medium Theme Blvd M Square 800 800 true
slider-x-large Slider Extra Large 1400 525 true
slider-large Slider Large 960 360 true
slider-medium Slider Medium 800 300 true
slider-staged Slider Staged 690 415 true

Note: It's best to only use these sizes as a reference for creating your images. While we advise against it, if you require changes to these image sizes and you are not a developer, you can use the Theme Blvd Image Size plugin.