Custom Widget Areas (video series)

The widget area manager allows you to create an unlimited amount of sidebars and widget areas for your website. Custom widget areas are managed from your WordPress admin at Appearance > Widget Areas. They can be applied to any widget area location in your site, and then assigned to specific pages of your site.

If a custom widget area is not applied to a specific location (i.e. Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, etc.), it becomes a "floating" widget area. This means it can be incorporated into various areas like custom layouts and your Footer theme options.

After creating any custom widget area, it will show up along with your other widget areas at Appearance > Widgets, so you can apply widgets as normal.

Widget Areas - Part 1: Locations

Before you go about creating custom widget areas, it's a good idea to understand this theme's concept of widget area "locations" and this video will explain it to you.

Widget Areas - Part 2: Collapsible Vs Fixed

There are two kinds of widget area locations, collapsible and fixed. This video will explain the difference between the two.

Widget Areas - Part 3: Custom Widget Areas

Now that you understand widget area locations, you can watch this video and learn how to create custom widget areas (i.e. Sidebars) that you can place on any page of your site.

Widget Areas - Part 4: Floating Widget Areas

In some of the previous videos in this series, you may have heard mentioned the funky name "floating widget area" and have been wondering what that means. This video will explain the floating widget area and how it can be used in dynamic areas of your site like the layout builder and configuring the footer of your site from your Theme Options page.