How to Generate a Google Maps API Key

If you're having trouble generating coordinates for a Google Map in our layout builder, or you can't get your map to display on the frontend of your website, you're in the right place.

Google has announced that any websites connecting to Google Maps API after June 22, 2016, for the first time, will require an API key.

Building for Scale: Updates to Google Maps APIs Standard Plan

In your Theme Blvd theme (with framework 2.6.1+), you'll find an option to input your Google Maps API key at Appearance > Theme Options > Configuration > Google Maps. You'll need this API key to display maps from Google on your website.

Now, let's go from start to finish, and take you through generating your Google Maps API key and inputting into your theme options.

  1. Go here and click, Get a Key.

  2. Agree with the Terms of Service.

  3. Choose a name for your new key and specify the websites where the key will be allowed. If you don’t need any website restriction, just put an * in that field, but don’t leave it blank! Then click, Create.

    Note: We strongly suggest limiting the sites your API can be used on, as your API key is publicly accessible to anyone who views the source of your website in their browser. Google Maps API only allows for so much usage; so you don't want anyone else using your API key that shouldn't be.

  4. Copy your new API key and click OK.

  5. Now, back at your WordPress site with your Theme Blvd theme, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Configuration > Google Maps, paste in the API key, and save your theme options page.

Note: If things aren't working instantly, make sure to allow 5-10 minutes for your new Google API key to be active.